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Gold is one of the most well-known forms of currency in the world. It transcends cultural barriers, and gold has played diverse roles throughout history, from currency to vital components in electronics to artisanal jewelry. Gold retains its attractiveness as a one-of-a-kind asset that provides an alternative to traditional stock and bond markets for many investors today. The precious metal is seen as a safe haven asset, and it is in great demand during volatile periods such as the present COVID-19 outbreak.

Gold reached the $2,000 barrier for the first time at its most recent peak in August 2020. This was an increase from $1,485 at the same time last year. Gold also serves as an inflation hedge. Gold is becoming more expensive as the average cost of things rises.

This is partly because gold is available in such finite quantities and because of this, gold owners can better preserve their purchasing power, even as low interest rates drive up prices.

There are numerous avenues for an investor to obtain exposure to gold today. Not all of them require precious metal ownership or huge sums of starting capital.

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Gold is popular among investors for a variety of reasons, and it possesses characteristics that make it a viable alternative to standard securities such as equities and bonds. They regard gold as a store of value, despite the fact that it is an asset that does not provide cash flow. Given the Fed's initiatives to stimulate the economy, such as near-zero interest rates and government spending, some view gold to be a hedge against inflation.

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