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Risk Management

Governance & Risk Management

At elitefundltd.com, our strong corporate governance and risk culture are embedded throughout our business and form the way we work. We believe that corporate governance adds value to our business and enhances stakeholder confidence. At elitefundltd.com, good corporate governance starts at the top. The Board acts on behalf of our stakeholders to oversee the risks and opportunities for the business to guide our strategic direction. The Board ensures appropriate governance and oversight by establishing key frameworks and policies that assist management in delivering for all stakeholders.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Leadership Team (LT) have the delegated authority from the Board to implement strategies and policies.

Governance and Risk Management

Risk Management

The management of risk is fundamental to Brouwers's business and to building long term shareholder value and to ensuring we deliver on our promises to our investors. We believe that risk is everybody’s business.

The Board’s Risk Appetite Statement outlines the level of risk that is acceptable in striving to achieve Brouwers' strategic goals and financial objectives. This is combined with a risk management framework, which monitors, mitigates and manages the risks we’re exposed to.

The Board recognises the broad range of risks elitefundltd.com faces as a participant in the financial services industry, including but not limited to: licence and regulatory risk; investment and pricing risk; climate change risk; strategic, market and reputation risk; operational risk; funding and liquidity risk; and conduct risk. The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy and the ability of individuals, businesses and governments to operate is an additional risk the Board is monitoring.

The Board is committed to ensuring effective risk management. The Leadership Team is accountable for managing the risks within their divisions and is required to manage risk as part of business objectives with risk management integrated across all business processes. There are clear accountabilities for risk management for all employees andthis is measured through elitefundltd.com's annual performance management process.

Sustainability issues are an important part of elitefundltd.com's risk management framework. There are a range of policies and practices to carefully consider sustainability risks when making key business decisions.